Top Things we are Thankful For About Tennis

At  USTA Mid-Atlantic we often say tennis is so much more than a game played with a racquet and ball.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, we started thinking about the sport we love and why we are so thankful for being able to grow the game in the region. Number one on our list: YOU! We are thankful for players like you that make the Mid-Atlantic Section a great place for tennis. USTA Mid-Atlantic tennis creates community, character, and well-being.

By reflecting on this appreciation we hope more people can understand why tennis is special and feel motivated to show their support during the charitable giving season. When you make a gift, your support for tennis is felt today and always.

Here are a few other reasons tennis makes us thankful. What would you add?

Tennis makes us thankful for… 

Oh, but there is more!

What would you add to the list that we have not included? Leave a comment or tweet us (@USTAMidAtlantic) with your comment using #ThankfulforTennis. Happy Thanksgiving from USTA Mid-Atlantic!

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