Tennis on Point. Uniquely Mid-Atlantic.


You know, USTA Mid-Atlantic is the go-to source for tennis in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and eastern and southern West Virginia. Not only do we have our finger on the pulse of opportunities for you and your family or friends to find yourself in the game, we come across a lot of great stories, resources and good information that may make your life – especially your tennis life – a little bit easier.  We have a passion for tennis, the absolute greatest game in our opinion, and that’s why we are excited to bring this new resource to you.

Tennis on Point is a place where tennis in the Mid-Atlantic can have its own voice. This is a destination where stories can be shared from and about our unique tennis community, where you can learn something new and maybe even a have laugh or two. It is a place where we want you to get a variety of points of view from the Section – and beyond – that you aren’t able to get anywhere else.

So what can you expect when you visit Tennis on Point?

  • Community – Hit the community section of Tennis on Point to get the latest news and stories of our great Mid-Atlantic Tennis community. Maybe you’ll read an uplifting profile of an outstanding USTA League Captain or find out about an upcoming event you can’t miss. Get inspired through a guest article from members and players like you, to experts and thought leaders.
  • Fun and Lifestyle – Bounce on over to this section for some fun. That’s what tennis is all about, right!? You might find yourself reading about the latest tennis fashion trends we spotted at the US Open or learning about cutting edge technologies improving the game.
  • Impact – Serve yourself some knowledge when you read up on the impact of tennis. Tennis offers endless benefits. This section will explore all the good that comes thanks to this sport. We’ll spotlight the impact that tennis has and celebrate the innovation and inclusion so many of us strive for every day.
  • Tips and Tricks – Rally around the tips and tricks section for pointers, resources and information to up your game or help others do their best on and off the court. This section may feature tips for coaching, ways to start playing tennis or help someone get going, creative ways to play and tricks that can be part of your on-court strategy.

We hope that Tennis on Point is a place where you can learn more about and get to know your fellow tennis players from the Mid-Atlantic as well as all of us here at the Section office. By the way, we don’t want this to be a place where you just come and read – we invite you to participate in making this a vibrant representation of USTA Mid-Atlantic. If you have a great idea for a story, a smart tip or have an article you can contribute, please let us know.

We welcome comments and thoughts about the articles and you will likely find that we will ask you to share your insights through social media on Facebook and Twitter (follow us if you don’t already). One last thing, sign up for an email alert so you never miss a new article! We’ll do our best to bring something fresh and new to you at least once a week.

The Mid-Atlantic has a vibrant tennis community and we want to celebrate that with the stories and articles you’ll find right here at Tennis on Point.

Lauren Hoffmann, is the director of marketing, communications and membership for USTA Mid-Atlantic. She’s a beginner at tennis and is most definitely going to be glued to the articles in the Tips and Tricks section!