A Letter from USTA Mid-Atlantic

We are forever changed because of COVID-19. Our daily lives, how we socialize, and conduct ourselves as a community is now completely different. We also grapple with current events that shed light on just how critical it is to be a driving force for positive change among our communities. At USTA Mid-Atlantic, our vision is for tennis in EVERY community and we strive to make tennis the most accessible sport in the region.  We deeply believe that through tennis, lives can improve by fostering health, connections, communication, and community.

There is so much uncertainty in our lives, however one thing is for sure: Tennis can help us all heal – socially, emotionally and physically. It can and WILL be part of the recovery process in the Mid-Atlantic community

Tennis serves up so much good in our lives. Tennis serves up a connection to others, it serves up a healthy routine and physical activity, it serves up the opportunity to be our best selves, and above all, it serves up life-lessons that will never be forgotten, especially for our youngest players. 

Tennis has the power to reconnect and rebuild the community and USTA Mid-Atlantic, a 501(c)3 non-profit, wants to make sure this can happen, especially among those hardest hit from this pandemic. That is why USTA Mid-Atlantic Section invites you to #ServeItForward.

#ServeItForward is a campaign to support tennis in the Mid-Atlantic and celebrate the power of the sport to improve lives.

Like so many other organizations, we are facing unprecedented challenges as a non-profit. Due to COVID-19, our revenue generating programs and services have been on hold with thousands of people unable to play tennis this spring. 

These revenue generating programs have been a financial lifeline to our charitable programs and provide us a way to subsidize and grow our After School and Summer Camp Tennis Program, our Junior Player Development Scholarship Program and our Safe Place to Play facility assistance grant which help remove barriers to the sport and help ensure that all people have access to tennis. We provide reduced participation fees and offer scholarships to remove barriers to play so that ANY child from ANY community can learn tennis through our programs. This is our mission and part of what we as an organization have always and will continue to do. 

But, as a result of COVID-19, we are facing a loss of more than $250,000 to our After School and Summer Camp Program.

Our ability to provide free and reduced rate pricing for program participants in our after school and summer camp program is in jeopardy. With the continued financial loss,  we will be unable to change a child’s life through the introduction of tennis.

We need you, our Mid-Atlantic tennis family, to #ServeItForward to help support our mission and vision for tennis in every community. We need you to help more kids experience the innumerable benefits that tennis has to offer when social distancing regulations ease. 

Will you be the one to #ServeItForward with a tax-deductible gift today? 

We ask you to #ServeItForward and make a tax-deductible gift to USTA Mid-Atlantic in support of tennis, the sport that serves up so much, and help us bring the healing power of tennis to everyone especially through our philanthropic programs. While we may not be able to fully make up the $250,000 gap in revenue, YOU can help us ease the burden. 

Please, consider what you are able, and make a tax-deductible gift now to support our philanthropic tennis programs through USTA Mid-Atlantic and help the region recover and rebuild with tennis.  

With gratitude, 

Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro and the USTA MAS Team

PS. #ServeItForward is not just about contributions; we’ve got lots of ways you can participate listed here on our blog! Attend one of our virtual events, consider supporting a USTA Mid-Atlantic aligned small business, nominate someone for a Section award or learn more about how other players are making a difference off the court!  

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