Give Everyone the Opportunity to Play

Do you remember the first time you stepped onto a tennis court to play a match or the moment when you realized your tennis team was really your tennis family? What about the feeling you get when you take all your stress and worry, and let it go by smashing a fuzzy, yellow ball? How many times can you count the life lessons the game always seems to provide at just the right moment?

These experiences are what playing tennis in the USTA Mid-Atlantic Section are all about. In the Mid-Atlantic, tennis creates community, character, and well-being thanks to players like you.

USTA Mid-Atlantic Section is a nonprofit organization working to make it easy for ALL people to get into and play tennis, especially those that may not have the resources or places to play.

Generous gifts from players like you:
• Provide scholarships to youth players so they can gain the character building benefits of the sport
• Help refurbish or build tennis courts that stimulate communities
• Support programs that deliver essential physical, social, and emotional health benefits through the sport

Your gift of $100 now ensures tennis can continue to create community, character, and well-being in the Mid-Atlantic for generations to come. Here’s just a few ways this is growing in the region…

Character …
“The biggest lesson I am learning from tennis is to always be fair,” says 11-year-old Deoz. “You learn to call the ball in or out and that being fair is most important, even in close matches.” Deoz was just starting tennis, and some of the most important lessons he was learning on the court were life-lessons he fully embraced off the court. He was taking programs at the local park and recreation in Prince George’s County, Md. When his mom became temporarily unemployed, they worried he wouldn’t be able to continue. Thanks to USTA Mid-Atlantic’s Scholarship program funded by generous gifts from players like you, Deoz is keeping up with tennis and shaping his character and future in the sport. Can you give a gift to help players just like Deoz learn life-lessons through tennis?

Community …
“Every time I pass by the courts, people are there – they are in constant use,” says Dr. Shannon Kennedy, president of Rappahannock Community College. “Our courts are bringing the community together, creating comradery and instilling a sense of pride. They came at a good time.” In the rural community of Warsaw, Va., having four newly refurbished tennis courts open and available for public use has delivered on a promise to infuse vibrancy and spur community revitalization. With your support, the USTA Mid-Atlantic’s tennis court refurbishment grant helped bring the courts and community to life. These are the only public tennis courts for the economically challenged counties of Richmond, Westmoreland, Essex, and Northumberland and your gift of $100 can help make communities vibrant and active, with well-maintained tennis courts open and accessible to all.

Well-Being …
“As much as I love tennis, the social element has been one of my favorite benefits,” says Kristy Seredni, a 2.5 League player in Richmond, Va. “Playing tennis, I have met so many exceptional ladies who I am now lucky to call friends. Tennis has been the thing when you are having a rough day or week, you can always look forward to… I honestly can’t imagine my life now without tennis.” A team of women from all walks of life came together as strangers to play USTA League tennis at the beginner level, including Kristy, for the FIRST time. Never did they expect that they’d quickly become a tight knit group celebrating each other on the court but also in the milestones of life off the court. In their first full season, the team hit their stride together advancing to Sectionals and playing in the championship match! Kristy attributes their success to their social and emotional connections through tennis, and your gift of $100 helps ensure benefits like these are accessible to ALL through a variety of programs and services.

These are just a sample of stories of impact we hear every day. As you consider all the gifts that tennis has given you, how tennis has created community, character, and well-being in your own life, think about how your gift of $100 today can make these experiences possible for more people and more communities in the region.

Think about how YOU can keep tennis vibrant and flourishing in the Mid-Atlantic region for ALL people for years to come. Please give to the sport that you love so that others can experience community, character, and well-being benefits from tennis well into the future.

With Gratitude,
Jenny Hein
USTA Mid-Atlantic Board of Directors Vice President, Development and USTA League Player


USTA Mid-Atlantic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to promoting tennis and its physical, social, and emotional health benefits. Learn more about our impact in the Section and how USTA Mid-Atlantic creates community, character, and well-being.

USTA Mid-Atlantic Section, Inc. is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 54-1472806. All donations made to USTA Mid-Atlantic Section Inc. are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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