The Mid-Atlantic Tennis Community Needs You

There is much to be excited about when it comes to tennis in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

This year brought some big, unforgettable moments we can all feel proud about – from Mid-Atlantic’s own Frances Tiafoe capturing the hearts of millions, to our announcement to build a state-of-the-art 36-court tennis campus that will elevate the sport like never before, to the Mid-Atlantic continuing to be a top leader for tennis participation in the country. 

We can also feel proud knowing that in the Mid-Atlantic there are everyday moments proving how tennis creates community, character, and well-being. As a charitable nonprofit, USTA Mid-Atlantic relies on the generosity of people like you who help us succeed on the mission and make it possible for EVERYONE to experience all the benefits tennis has to offer. 

Your gift of $100 this year does more than you may even know to increase access to tennis and grow the sport in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

When you make a gift you help us invest in the COMMUNITY that many tennis players come to love and rely upon. The USTA Mid-Atlantic Community Engagement Grant funds programs by organizations such as Black Girls Tennis Club, a NEW Community Tennis Association in Norfolk, Virginia. With our support Black Girls Tennis Club is building community through tennis by and for women and girls of color particularly increasing access to tennis for young, black girls with free programming. 

You help young people like Arjun P., develop positive CHARACTER traits through tennis. Just two years ago, Arjun thought he would never play sports again. Since then, he was introduced to tennis, began playing, and now a Junior Player Scholarship award is helping him progress in the sport, learning and growing everyday. He shared this: 

“I’ve learned that tennis is both an individual and team sport with amazing opportunities.  At the beginning, I didn’t manage my emotions very well if I wasn’t playing well or didn’t win…Since then, I started having fun, being a good sport, and having a positive attitude. My experience has taught me to be a better person in all aspects of life.  I value fair play and have a better appreciation when things don’t go my way.” 

Your gift supports work that finds innovative ways to strengthen the mind-body connection in tennis, helping people achieve WELL-BEING and a higher quality of life. With your support, we created and launched Girls Rule the Court™  a program that intentionally focuses on and scientifically measures social-emotional learning in every tennis lesson. Girls in the program build self-esteem and gain confidence while learning tennis at low to no cost. From our program in Baltimore, coach mentor Janet Pinkett shares this: 

“ …The program promotes and supports not only the physical benefits of the life sport of tennis, but it also seeks to acknowledge and address the ongoing need for youth programming that targets the “whole child” – body, mind, and spirit.” 

The end of 2022 is fast approaching and now is the time to make a gift of $100 to keep tennis vibrant and flourishing in the Mid-Atlantic region for ALL people for years to come. Please give to the sport that you love so that others can experience community, character, and well-being benefits from tennis well into the future. 


With gratitude, 

Kathy Renzetti


USTA Mid-Atlantic Board of Directors

PS: In 2023, USTA Mid-Atlantic celebrates 100 years of promoting and growing tennis in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our Centennial is special because of people like you and your support of tennis. Help us future-proof tennis for the next 100 years, give a gift today!

Your Gift in Action

Your Gift in Action

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