A Coach’s Secret to Keeping New Players in the Game

By: Jeremy Carl What is the easiest way to get any player new to tennis to keep playing?  Whether it’s beginner adults or 10 and under junior players, the ROGY Progression is without a doubt the best way. For those unfamiliar, ROGY stands for Red, Orange, Green, Yellow – the color of the balls that … Continue reading A Coach’s Secret to Keeping New Players in the Game

A Coach’s Perspective on the TennisBASH

By Jeremy Carl How do you get 7-10 year olds on a Saturday night during the summer playing tennis for two hours straight having the best time?  The answer is USTA TennisBASH, a new tournament format gaining popularity all across the Mid-Atlantic. A USTA TennisBASH is two-hour timed non-elimination round robin event with food, music … Continue reading A Coach’s Perspective on the TennisBASH

Nathan Nguyen: Doing Big Things On and Off the Court

Nathan Nguyen is never going to forget his afternoon at the 2017 Arthur Ashe Kids Day. He played tennis on center court at the US Open, won thousands of dollars for his National Junior Tennis and Learning chapter and got to meet his tennis idol – Rafael Nadal! Nathan is an 8th grader at Michael … Continue reading Nathan Nguyen: Doing Big Things On and Off the Court

The USTA Junior Player Promise

"Tennis places the responsibility of fair play on me. I promise to abide by the rules, give the benefit of the doubt to my opponent, and compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship. I recognize my behavior on the court is a direct reflection of my character. Win or lose, I promise to conduct myself … Continue reading The USTA Junior Player Promise

Sadie’s TGA Summer Camp Diary

Throughout the summer, we’ll be sharing “diaries” of what kids at our TGA tennis camps thought about each day. This is what 7-year-old Sadie had to say about her day camp at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Va. Monday: We learned to throw the ball correctly. It was hard the first time. We learned to do … Continue reading Sadie’s TGA Summer Camp Diary