The USTA Junior Player Promise

"Tennis places the responsibility of fair play on me. I promise to abide by the rules, give the benefit of the doubt to my opponent, and compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship. I recognize my behavior on the court is a direct reflection of my character. Win or lose, I promise to conduct myself … Continue reading The USTA Junior Player Promise

Sadie’s TGA Summer Camp Diary

Throughout the summer, we’ll be sharing “diaries” of what kids at our TGA tennis camps thought about each day. This is what 7-year-old Sadie had to say about her day camp at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Va. Monday: We learned to throw the ball correctly. It was hard the first time. We learned to do … Continue reading Sadie’s TGA Summer Camp Diary

What Winning Means: A Parent’s Perspective

Justine Ix is the mom of highly-ranked Mid-Atlantic junior player Alex Ix, who recently received a sportsmanship award at the Battle in the Burg tournament. We asked Justine to write about sportsmanship from the parent's perspective. My son recently won a sportsmanship award at a high level tournament and as a result of that honor, … Continue reading What Winning Means: A Parent’s Perspective

Dylan’s TGA Summer Camp Diary

Throughout the summer, we'll be sharing "diaries" of what kids at our TGA tennis camps thought about each day. This is what 9-year-old Dylan had to say about his day camp at Indian Creek School. Monday: Today was the first time I played tennis. I learned how to do a top spin. It was a … Continue reading Dylan’s TGA Summer Camp Diary

The Power of JTT

Walking through Folkes/Stevens Tennis facility at Old Dominion University, you see people of all ages and skill levels playing tennis. Some competitive, some just for fun, while beginners are starting their own new experiences. Underneath it all, making these different areas come together is the business of it all, like the roots of a blossoming … Continue reading The Power of JTT