groups of children sitting around the coach on a tennis court

As 2023 is coming to a close, the end of our Centennial Celebration is near. Achieving this milestone is nothing short of incredible. The people, players, coaches, and supporters like you who embrace the mission and vision for tennis in EVERY community are the ones who made this milestone possible and remarkable!

Your gift of $100 to mark the end of the Centennial Celebration of USTA Mid-Atlantic will leave a lasting legacy by funding important programs and initiatives that bring the transformative benefits of tennis to those who need it most.

Your gift will: 


    • Help a youth tennis player, whose family is at their financial edge, afford tennis lessons with the support of a Junior Player Scholarship award. 

    • Assist community tennis providers who introduce tennis through accessible and inclusive programs. 

    • Introduce tennis to a girl in fourth grade by supporting her enrollment in a Girls Rule the Court™ after school program.

“I have loved seeing the girls blossom, learn new skills, and build their confidence and comfort on the court. At the end of the session, the girls have a party and invite their siblings and parents to play. We have treats and pizza. It was awesome to see them take on a coaching role and give their parents feedback. It was the sweetest thing. It all came full circle. It’s really amazing to see their improvement.”

-Coach Trinity, GRTC Coach Louisa County, Virginia.

If you haven’t had a chance to show your support during the Centennial Celebration, now is the opportunity to join us in moving the mission forward for the next 100 years. Make a gift of $100 and unlock the life-changing benefits of the sport for so many others, especially those in marginalized communities.

Let’s ensure that tennis remains vibrant and flourishing in the Mid-Atlantic, an inclusive haven for all, for generations to come. Please give to the sport you love, allowing others to experience the benefits of community, character, and well-being through tennis in the years that lie ahead.