What Type of Gift Giver Are You?

Gift giving. Just saying these words can be a trigger of stress for some, especially when you are searching for the perfect gift during the holidays. When you’ve got a long list of people to shop for, knowing what type of gift giver you most identify with can help. Just like in tennis, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to ACE-ing the perfect gift, check out our thoughts on the type of gift givers out there and some ideas to go along with it so you can fulfill your gift giving needs this holiday season!

Are you a … Things gift giver?

  • Some of the best gifts are things that are long-lasting! If you like to give things and have  a USTA League player, team Captain, and/or fellow tennis fanatic on your list, shop the USTA Mid-Atlantic Store through The Spoiled Office for the perfect personalized tennis apparel and gifts. 
  • Here’s a twist on giving a thing: give something back and give to the sport you love, TENNIS! USTA Mid-Atlantic is a non-profit organization with charitable programs, grants and scholarships that increase access to tennis for ALL. This season, you can make a donation in the name of someone close to you such as a tennis teammate, tennis coach,  family member, or friend! Donating to tennis is ever-lasting and will make an impact for generations to come. 

Are you a … Time gift giver?

  • They say quality time is one thing money can’t buy. Giving the gift of time to someone to do something special together can be a meaningful gift. If you like giving your time, certainly you could plan to go to a special event with someone or simply meet up for coffee, but how about making time to give back to others together? Volunteering with USTA Mid-Atlantic is a different take on the gift of time. Not only are you dedicating and spending quality time with someone special, you are giving your time to help others which feels great. Volunteers are the heart of USTA MAS and make an impact well beyond the tennis court. Sign up to volunteer together and find a volunteer opportunity that you’ll both enjoy. 

Are you a … Talent gift giver?

  • Chances are if you are reading this you probably like tennis or play tennis. Take your talent for tennis and give yourself (and other tennis players) something to enjoy – the gift of playing more tennis! With more tennis players bringing their talents to the courts in the Mid-Atlantic region, that means even better tennis experiences that everyone can enjoy. There are many ways you can play including tournaments, leagues and more.  
  • For the experienced USTA League players you can give your talent by becoming a USTA League Captain! Captains help bring people together and lending your leadership talent as a team captain helps others experience the physical, social, and emotional benefits of tennis. You help forge friendships and team bonds, you help create community through tennis, and you help people have fun! What a great gift to give to so many tennis players! 

Through this busy time of the year, we hope this gives you a couple of new and fresh ideas for gifts to give! Remember that no matter what the gift is, the best things are the ones that are meaningful. 

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