Play Tennis This Fall in Northern Virginia – Try Combo Mixed!

If it has been a while since you have played USTA Leagues in Northern Virginia or if you have been playing tennis recreationally and want to ease into more organized play, USTA Mid-Atlantic has the perfect solution for Northern Virginia players – NOVA Combo!

The NOVA Combo Mixed League is a USTA League offering in the Mid-Atlantic Section for players age 18 and older that want to play doubles and have fun playing tennis in the Northern Virginia area! This fall, Combo will be offered in coed teams and in team NTRP levels of 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5.

In the NOVA Combo League:

  • Players of different abilities can partner up and play together (up to a 1.5 differential)
  • Partners can combine ratings to equal the team’s rating
    • For example in the 7.5 level of Combo, a player with a 3.5 rating can partner with a 4.0 player.
  • Teams can advance to a Regional Championship
  • Emphasis is on a social and fun experience – join in the action with some friends or get connected to a team and make some new ones! Just like tennis is a lifetime sport, tennis friends are friends you will have for life.
  • League play starts September 15

There are five steps to get started playing in the NOVA Combo league:

Step 1: Renew or join USTA as a member

As a USTA Member, you’ll not only get more involved in the game you love, but you’ll enjoy many perks. You’ll get discounts on US Open merchandise, travel, entertainment and more. You’ll get early access to tickets and discounted seats and top tournaments. And you’ll have the chance to play in recreational leagues – such as NOVA Combo – and tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic and nationwide.

Step 2: Get your NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) up-to-date

NTRP ratings are used to identify and describe characteristics of tennis-playing ability and help you understand which level you should play at based on a variety of factors. New players can self-rate to obtain an NTRP rating (please note that a USTA Account is needed to obtain a self-rating). You can also contact Cassie Nocera, at the USTA Mid-Atlantic office to help you through this process.

Step 3: Find a NOVA Combo team

The best way to find a NOVA Combo Mixed team is to contact the Local League Ambassador, Alice Hume. Local League Ambassadors are champions for USTA Adult Leagues in the Mid-Atlantic. Alice works day-to-day to coordinate league play and ensure seasons run smoothly. She is currently forming teams for NOVA Combo Mixed league play, so now is the best time to contact her to get on a team.

Step 4: Register for your team

Once you find your team, you can go to USTA’s TennisLink site to register online for the season.

Step 5: Grab your tennis racquet and hit the courts

Get your racquet in shape – check those strings and overgrip – and head out to your favorite tennis courts to get ready to play. The NOVA Combo Mixed League season will start on Sept. 15. Your team captain will be in touch with you about matches, when and where you will be playing and other opportunities to get together with your team.

If you have other questions or need help, contact Cassie Nocera or email You can also browse other Leagues happening in the Mid-Atlantic on the USTA Mid-Atlantic league calendar available here.

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