Love All: One League Team’s (Successful!) Adventures in Matchmaking

This post is written by Heather Carr and tells the story of what happens when a league team is nearly as dedicated to its matchmaking as its tennis. Happy Valentine’s Day from USTA Mid-Atlantic!

After 10 years of League matches, tournaments, practices, social gatherings and countless hours together, a tightknit team of couples and friends had evolved and set an ambitious goal in 2017: Making it to Nationals in the 4.5 men’s, 4.5 women’s and 9.0 mixed divisions. We never thought it would really happen, but after many local league and postseason matches, lucking out with a wildcard to Regionals and eventually winning Sectionals, we did it!

The achievement of playing at Nationals in the mixed, men’s and women’s levels in November was incredibly exciting. We are proud of this accomplishment, but would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the journey we took to get here. It not only brought us together for this occasion but has given us many other special moments along the way.

These are the stories of love and friendship that would most likely not have happened were it not for our love of tennis and the USTA! Introducing Heather Carr, Jan Neumann, Kelly Moler Glass, Ben Glass, Kelley Regan-Cosca, Chris Cosca, Mario Ceste and Anne Polino: the 2017, 18 and over 9.0 Mixed Doubles Team that represented the Mid-Atlantic Section, otherwise known as the “Wrecking Ball.”

Year: 2008
Location: Newport News, VA
Event: Adult 18 & Over Mid-Atlantic Sectionals

Heather Carr and Jan Neumann.jpeg

The Northern Virginia women’s and DC men’s teams were enjoying a joint Italian dinner together to give Heather Carr an opportunity to actively recruit for her upcoming mixed doubles team. She was introduced to Jan Neumann (rooming with Mario Ceste at the time) who was a newcomer to DC-area tennis. Heather invited Jan to play on her team and Jan wisely accepted.

Fast forward six months to after one of their mixed doubles victories, where Jan had tried to impress Heather with his biggest serves. Yes, Heather was definitely impressed, but as a result, Jan injured his shoulder. Being a physical therapist, Heather offered to help Jan rehabilitate his shoulder. Heather will never forget teaching Jan a shoulder exercise where he was kneeling on one knee in front of her. At that moment she thought to herself, one day this man is going to get down on one knee again and ask me to marry him… Eight years later, Jan and Heather played together as a married couple at the 2017 Mixed Doubles National Championships.

Year: 2012
Location: Newport News, VA
Event: Adult 18 & Over Mid-Atlantic Sectionals


Kelly Moler, Kelley Regan, Ben Glass, and Mario Ceste were out at the Red Star Tavern. A few months prior, Heather Carr had mentioned to Kelly Moler that Ben Glass was a “really great guy” from Jan’s team.  Heather had a little tennis get-together where Kelly found that out for herself.  Ben is a very deliberate and slow-moving person while Kelly is not.  So, after months of flirting through emails, Kelly told her teammates she was just about ready to give up on the whole thing.

Dr. Kelley Regan (Kelly’s doubles partner) stepped up and asked Ben if he was interested and, if so, he had better act on it now…Minutes later, he asked Kelly out.   Thank goodness for Kelley Regan’s intervention! Otherwise Ben and Kelly would likely not have ended up dating, getting married, having their lovely daughter Kenza, or playing together as a marital mixed doubles pair with their friends at the National Championships.

Year: 2013
Location: Newport News, VA
Event: Adult 18 & Over Mid-Atlantic Sectionals


Kelly Moler had a debt to repay to Kelley Regan – after all, Kelley Regan was the linchpin in bringing Kelly and Ben together. Now it was Kelly’s opportunity to return the favor, and she had identified fellow League player Chris Cosca as a potential good mate for Kelley. Mastermind Moler had been working on Cosca, convincing him that Regan was the woman for him. Chris certainly knew who Kelley was, but Kelley was not quite sure who he was.

That all changed in front of the Marriott at City Center (just steps away from the Red Star Tavern) where Kelley got her first look at the handsome Cosca. Once this spark was ignited, Chris and Kelley joined forces on and off the court, leading to numerous victories, a marriage and a baby boy. They’re now busy raising their adorable 1-year old Parker and are thankful to have had the chance to play together at Mixed Doubles Nationals.

Years: 2008-2015
Situation: Mario is single.

The solution: During post-tennis meals, Mario’s teammates coach him on how to secure a girlfriend. We survey his online dating profiles, drill him with questions, make recommendations, and listen to his many stories of dating woes. In 2015, Kelley and Kelly created Mario’s online dating profile at Heather and Jan’s Halloween party which shortly lead to him securing a date with the lovely Kate, who is now his wife and wholeheartedly supports his fanaticism for tennis. Kate joined the team in Mobile at Nationals.

Our recent championship run would not have been possible without the leadership and hard work throughout these years by our captain Anne, who bore witness and has partaken in the fun that comes along with all of this matchmaking on and off the court. Without her, we would not have made it to Mobile for yet another incredibly memorable tennis trip.