This is MAS Tennis: Abigail Plylar’s Story

This post is part of a series that tells the stories of how tennis has influenced people’s lives in the Mid-Atlantic Section. Meet junior player Abigail Plylar from Salisbury, Md. To share your story or send to someone you know, click here.

Tell us about yourself

I am a 10th grade student at Worcester Preparatory School in Berlin, Md.  I have played tennis since I was about 8.  I love the sport and traveling around to visit tennis venues – my favorite was a behind the scenes tour at Wimbledon. Both my parents play, so we are able to play as a family when we travel.  I’ve also met some great players and coaches during our travels. Tennis is a lifelong sport that I hope to continue playing competitively and for fun for many, many years to come.

How has tennis impacted your life?

Tennis has impacted my life in so many positive ways, and it has also allowed me to hopefully impact many, many other lives through a tournament I began hosting in 2016 called Love for Lungs.  In two years, I have raised almost $60,000 for lung research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in honor of my grandfather who passed away from Pulmonary Fibrosis.  My hope is that this tournament not only raises important research funds, but raises awareness of this disease to our community and beyond.  I’m thankful that I can share my love of tennis with so many people and for a great cause.

Abigail Plylar

How do you feel when you think about the Love for Lungs tournament?

Blessed, enthusiastic, hopeful, excited – to share my love of the sport and create awareness for a deadly disease and hopefully impact groundbreaking research through money I am raising.

How long have you been playing USTA events?

I first started playing in USTA tournaments when I was 10.  Between these tournaments, the college combine at the USTA campus and various tennis camps around the US, I have met great friends from so many places.  It’s fun to compete and keep in touch with these people.

What keeps you coming back tennis?

Tennis is a lifelong sport and a fun activity for me and my family.  We play together and have so much fun on the court with each other.  It’s my release when I am stressed about school, and it teaches me to be competitive and supportive of my team members. I have been able to travel to play atcompetitions, but also just for fun with my family.  It’s great exercise and I also love how my coach ties playing tennis to math and science.

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