Serving Up the Best US Open Watch Party

It’s the end of summer, kids are going back to school, and it is now a faux paus to wear white…EXCEPT ON THE TENNIS COURTS! If you haven’t been keeping track on your calendar, this blog post is here to remind you that it is US OPEN TIME! *cute the confetti and anything New York themed*

US Open Viewing Party 5

As the only Grand Slam tennis championship held in North America, the US Open is the crowned jewel of tennis for every tennis fan in the US. Starting Aug. 24 and lasting through Sept. 12, the great of greats in tennis have traveled from all over the world to compete in NY. Thousands of people will take off work and travel from afar just to witness the two-week long tennis-centric atmosphere that surrounds New York City.

But what about the rest of us those who are not traveling to New York? Us hard workers who must balance our love for the sport with our dedication to our work? Those of us who have families that DEPEND on us? WHAT ABOUT US?! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO CELEBRATE?!

The answer, my friends, is simple.

It’s time to host a PARTAY!

US Open Viewing Party 6

To make sure that you host the US Open of parties, we have pulled together some tips on how you can serve up the best viewing party in the Section.

  1. Everyone will come for the food.

Even though you think your party is all about the tennis, it’s not. Everyone knows that the most important part of any party is the food!

US Open Viewing Party 1

To ensure that you provide the best possible viewing experience, make sure to stock up on lots of different snacks and treats. Since the US Open is hosted in New York, there is no better time to invest in foods you would probably never expect to see on the same table. Some ideas for New York cuisine include NY style pizza, roasted nuts, bagels, cheesecake and pastrami sandwiches.

  1. It’s all about tennis until…commercials.

US Open Viewing Party 2

Even though everyone will come mostly for the tennis (and the food), don’t forget to fill in lulls in play with some tennis themed games. A favorite of ours in Tennis BINGO. It’s easy to create your own cards and allows party-goers to watch AND play at the same time.  Some Bingo space ideas include Netcord Winner, Fans are told to be quiet but keep cheering anyway, A service game lasts more than eight minutes, and Ballperson makes amazing catch.

  1. Cookies are already round…so are cakes, and cupcakes, and lollicakes, and…

US Open Viewing Party 3

What better way to take advantage of delicious sweets being round than decorating them for a tennis viewing party! Tennis has never been so sweet. The internet has 50.4 million (which coincidentally is the same number as the US Open prize amount this year) different ways to decorate your sweets so that they are not just delicious, but also are appropriately clothed. Trust us, desserts taste better when they are dressed for the occasion. Also, they are great dancers.

  1. Honey, I…drank all the honey deuces.

US Open Viewing Party 4

The US Open wouldn’t be one of the best events of the year if it didn’t have its own drink! The official drink of the US Open is the Honey Deuce topped with a honey dew (get it?!) garnish. It is delicious, sweet, refreshing, and just what your party-goers need to wash down all the salty NY foods and sugary tennis desserts you are serving.

Is your viewing party family friendly? Serve up Honey Deuce mocktails by substituting the Chambord with a splash of raspberry flavored syrup and skipping the vodka.

Helen Li is the development & engagement manager at USTA Mid-Atlantic. She will happily be watching the Finals at Not Your Average Joe’s enjoying some cheesecake and/or pizza!