This is Mid-Atlantic Tennis: Donna Lee’s Story

This post is part of a series that tell the stories of how tennis has influenced people’s lives in the Mid-Atlantic Section. Meet Donna Lee from Winchester, Va. To share your story or send to someone you know, click here.

How did you first get into tennis?

I first became involved with the USTA when I moved to Virginia (almost 20 years ago).  I met another mom on the first day of school who also had twins and had heard another twins mom was moving into the neighborhood and she immediately signed me up for both the local twins club as well as 2.5 tennis clinic and leagues which lead me to playing on the 2.5 team.

How have you been involved in tennis throughout your life since first starting?

I started playing tennis 20 years ago when my kids were 3, 3 and 5.  Our 2.5 team consisted of 3 moms of twins and a couple of other moms with young kids.  We used to call the clubs we were competing at to let them know we were bringing 10 kids to the nursery.  We really appreciated the opportunity to get out and get exercise and build friendships since our home lives were so busy with all the young kids.

Over the years, we enjoyed watching our kids grow and start playing competitive tennis.  It made me want to get involved in trying to start the Junior Team Tennis program in our area and enjoyed seeing my boys play together (not the twins).  I also wanted to give others a chance to learn about the great sport of tennis and became a founding member of the Shenandoah Valley Tennis Association when it formed.  I have even helped out at some of the local events.  I also captain about 10 adult teams a year at Stonebrook to try and keep as many players on the court as possible.


Donna Lee 2

What do you like most about tennis? What keeps you coming back to the sport?



I love all my tennis friends!  I love the women that I play on the weekday teams and since my husband also plays, we have a lot of friends who play in the evenings and weekends on the mixed doubles teams.

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