8 Things about Summer Only Tennis Players Will Understand

The sun shining, birds chirping, children playing…there are plenty of reasons summer is (arguably) the most fun season. Tennis players know summer comes with its own set of challenges, though, especially when you’re spending all day at the courts. Here’s our list of things about summer that only tennis players can relate to:

  1. It’s at least 10 degrees hotter on any court. You’ve even wondered if you could fry an egg on a hard court. Spoiler alert: you probably can.

2. Flip flops look a little odd on your sock-tanned feet, while cute sandals are nearly impossible to pull off.

3. The summertime really has you regretting not finishing that glass of water three days ago.

what have i done meme.blogpost


4. Tennis may as well be a water sport in the summer with how much you sweat.

tennis player sweating.blogpost


5. It may look a little “extra” when you bring a full rolling cooler to the court, but you know that you need it. Plus it’s a great place to sit during changeovers.

6. Sometimes the rain is your best friend, sometimes it’s your worst enemy. All you know is you wish you could play in it.

shawshank redemption rain.blogpost


7. One hour on the court in the summertime feels like four any other time of the year.snail clock.blogpost


8. Despite the heat and the sweating, there’s really no better place spend all day than on a tennis court.IMG_6059

 Charlotte Rhoad is a summer intern at USTA Mid-Atlantic. She also wrote a blog post titled “8 things about summer only USTA Mid-Atlantic interns will understand” but figured the audience is a little small for that one.