Sadie’s TGA Summer Camp Diary

Throughout the summer, we’ll be sharing “diaries” of what kids at our TGA tennis camps thought about each day. This is what 7-year-old Sadie had to say about her day camp at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Va.

Monday: We learned to throw the ball correctly. It was hard the first time. We learned to do it back in forth. I enjoyed the class a lot. I also enjoyed the water gun fight. I like my coaches John and Samantha.

Tuesday: Today is my 2nd day of tennis camp and I am having fun. We learned how to serve. I like working out a lot. I like my new friend Cynthia.

Wednesday: I like the water gun fights, they are great! I learned to do an over hand swing. Today is my 3rd day of tennis camp and I am having fun.

Thursday: This is my 4th day  and it is great. I’m starting to feel like a real tennis player. I like the water balloons fight and the water gun fight.

Friday: The group sang happy birthday to me and I enjoyed it. My dad got us cupcakes and we had fun. I loved my last day at Tennis camp. I love my birthday at Tennis camp.