A Tennis Fanatic’s Holiday Gift Survival Guide

Need some inspiration for gifts for you or your tennis-loving friends and family? We’ve got you covered with the 2016 USTA Mid-Atlantic Holiday Gift Guide! We scoured every corner of the Internet and talked to our partners and friends at Tennis Warehouse, Cutetennisstuff.com and others to gather up some unique ideas for your holiday shopping this year*.  The items below caught our attention for being pretty neat and should not be considered an official endorsement or review.  We liked ‘em and included ‘em. Just like the Umpire in the chair, you make the final call!


Inspyr Socks with motivational phrases: Before you put on your favorite pair of neon-colored tennis shoes, something else has to come first – socks! Make sure your socks match your incredibly stylish kicks with the Inspyr series of socks that have phrases such as “Never Quit,” “Work Hard,” and “Fearless” along the back.


Wilson US Open 6-Pack Bag: Have a teammate whose overflowing 3-racquet bag is a mess? Gift them an upgrade to this sleek 6-racquet bag so they can keep track of all their gear and rep the sport’s best major at the same time!


Tennis Ball Ornaments: No tennis lover’s tree would be complete without a tennis ball ornament. Cutetennisstuff.com stays true to its name in their ornament offerings. Our favorite? The one that says “Happy Volleydays!”


Free 10 and Under Junior USTA Membership: The best deal in tennis gifts won’t actually cost you any money at all! Share the sport you love with a free 1-year junior membership for children ages 10 and under that will give them access to tons of ways to play.


Maryland Flag Leggings or Skirt: There’s no better way to say “I put Old Bay on everything” than to stroll out on to the court in some Maryland flag-inspired leggings or tennis skirt. Remember Marylanders, if people from other states roll their eyes, it’s just because they’re jealous of your incredible flag.


Gamma String Things Dampener 2 Pack: Dampeners are the easiest and most fun way to accessorize your style on the court. This two-pack includes both a smiley face and panda dampener and is the perfect treat for kids (and panda-loving adults) to add some flair to their racquet!


Thanks Captain! Cup: Where would you be without your captain who keeps your team running like a well-oiled machine? Show them your appreciation with this pun-filled hot/cold travel cup!


Zepp Tennis Sensor: Is your New Year’s resolution to take your tennis game to the next level? That goal is going to be a lot easier to achieve by using a swing tracker like the Zepp Tennis Sensor! The sensor mounts to the bottom of your racquet and then sends data on swing speed, sweet spot, spin, and more to a mobile app.


Tennis Ball Pendant Necklace: If you want to give some jewelry this holiday season but are bored by sappy hearts, Love by hazel may be your place to shop! In addition to this pendant necklace, there are also racquet earrings, a ball and racquet bracelet, and other fun accessories to jazz up your outfit for a glamorous night at the US Open or an equally glamorous night at a Leagues Sectional Player Party.


Wristpect Sport Wristbands: Wristpect’s slogan is “The World’s Most Stylish Sweatband.” Their sweatbands come in a variety of bright designs and patterns and are sure to garner some compliments on the court.


Match Tuff EZ-Score Pro-Set: There’s nothing worse than losing track of the game score in the middle of a long match and having to count backwards to figure it out. With the portable EZ-Score scorecard that sits nicely on top of any net, you won’t ever make that mistake again!


Alien Pros Designer Overgrip: Maybe you’ve already got your distinct on-court look down with your favorite socks, wristbands, and dampeners; what more could you need? After you take a look at the designer overgrips that Alien Pros offers, you’re never going to want to go back to those boring solid colored ones ever again!


Tennis Warehouse Gift Card: We know tennis players can be pretty picky when it comes to their gear and especially racquets, so rather than stressing over picking out the right gift for someone, it might be a better idea to leave the choice up to them with a gift card.

These are the items that made our cut for this year’s holiday gift guide for tennis lovers of all ages and abilities! What’s on your wish list that you think we should add? If you give or receive a cool tennis item this holiday season or have a favorite gift from past years, use #ustamas to share it with us on social media!


*This blog post contains links to partners and sponsors of USTA Mid-Atlantic, including from Tennis Warehouse. This means if you click those qualifying links and purchase from Tennis Warehouse, USTA MAS receives a commission. USTA MAS opinions are our own and we were not compensated to include any of the products listed – we just thought they were cool and pretty neat ideas for tennis lovers out there in the MAS.     

Chris Lewitzke is the social media and engagement coordinator at USTA Mid-Atlantic. This year, he is subscribing to the #TreatYoself philsophy by gifting himself a new racquet.