Tips for Traveling with Tennis Racquets

Don’t blink, the holidays are already upon us…better check up on that packing list!

Fruit Cake?
Holiday Sweater? Blog Racquets Pile.jpg
Sparkling Cider?
Tennis Racquets?

Whether you are arriving at your destination a few days early and need to train for that all-day food fest (hey, it could be embarrassing to get winded chomping down that second turkey leg), or you need to burn off all that pumpkin pie (and stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce…you get the point), forgetting your racquets while traveling for the holidays is not an option.

So, let’s talk about some travel tips with tennis racquets.

Flying to your destination? While the TSA does not list a tennis racquet as prohibited, they do recommend the following: “For sporting goods that are not prohibited, you should check with the airline to ensure that sports equipment will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat of the airplane.” Not willing to risk carrying on? Your best bet is checking your racquets in a hard sided piece of luggage or stacking more than one racquet together in your soft sided baggage in between your clothes to lessen the risk of damage.

Driving to your destination? Packing them up shouldn’t be a problem, but don’t forget that your strings and frame don’t do well in in extreme hot or cold, so don’t forget to take your racquets inside between those practice sessions.

Let’s consider some other uses for those racquets in a pinch while traveling:

Going somewhere buggy? How about your racquet doubling as a fly swatter!

Traveling into snow zones? How about treading through a few feet with tennis racquet snow shoes on?


Headed to the lake without paddles? How about swapping in your old racquet to get you back to shore. Note: It’ll probably be more effblog-racquet-decorationective as a paddle if you leave the case on.

Decoration! Hang those ornaments or Holiday cards off your strings for a cute decoration in a pinch!

Don’t let a drop in temperatures or busy end of the year get in the way of keeping up with your game. Use Tennislink to find an indoor winter league near you or search our site to find some indoor court time!

Shell Wood is the Events Manager at USTA Mid-Atlantic. Last year she managed to thaw 22 lbs of turkey in two days, and she’s planning on avoiding that stress this Thanksgiving!