Happy Hallow-Tennis!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we bet you’re thinking the same thing as us: I haven’t prepared a costume yet! Don’t fret. In an effort to help you better prepare for this Halloween season, we have prepared a list of possible tennis related costumes for you tennis-lovers out there.

  1. Go classic. What a better way to announce to the world that you love tennis than to dress as a giant tennis ball? You and papier-mâché have never been so close. Pro Tip: do not try to papier-mâché this while you are wearing the costume – only bad things will happen.


Not a fan of papier-mâché; papier-mâché not a fan of you? Lucky for you there are options to purchase already made tennis ball costumes. If you’re even luckier, maybe you’ll be as cute as this little tennis player here.


  1. Overachieve, just this once. Feeling like all these other tennis costumes are too run-of-the-mill? Why not try going as something coveted by USTA league players around the US – a tennis trophy. All you need is a spot on pose and a lot of gold paint to make it happen. Bonus: have your partner go as a golf trophy – that’s a winning pair if we’ve ever seen one!


  1. Ten-ebrities. Go as your famous tennis celebrity! Why not?! There are so many to choose from, and you won’t be the only who has dressed as their tennis idol for Halloween. #classic




  1. Pop-tennis. Remember when Cher played tennis? Remember when Drake kept referencing tennis in his songs? So many tennis, pop-culture references, so little holiday!



  1. Go classic Halloween. Nothing says “I love tennis, but it is Halloween” like a good ole gory, zombie tennis costume.




At the end of it all, we are sure you will look great no matter how you dress this Halloween – as long as you are dressed with a tennis theme.

Get into the tennis Halloween spirit and you might win the official 2016 US Open poster! Tag us on Facebook (USTA Mid-Atlantic Official), Instagram (@ustamas) or Twitter (@ustamidatlantic) in a photo of either your tennis-themed costume or playing tennis in a Halloween costume for your chance to win. Be sure to post by November 4 so you don’t miss out!


Helen Li, is the diversity manager for USTA Mid-Atlantic. In her spare time, Helen is teaching her dogs to fetch by bribing them with cheese.